Yobetit Launch Date

Yobetit have finally given us a release date for the world’s first arbitrage bookmaker. If you have missed the news, or want to know why this is so exciting for you as a sports arbitrage trader, read all details here.

  • 31 October – Sign up for a test group, more information will follow in the Yobetit newsletter.
  • 19 Nov – YoArbinar education starts.
  • 18 Dec – Live test, exclusively for all business package owners.
  • 19 Feb 2013 – Launch of Yobetit

Don’t miss your chance to join

Yobetit will be invite-only for at least three years before opening to the public. Yobetit Business Packages will only be available in a limited quantity. Every Business Package includes a number of invites, which is the only way to become a Yobetit customer.

If you decide to join Yobetit, you need to purchase a business package before they are sold out:

  1. Read the Yobetit Frequently Asked Questions
  2. Continue to the Yobetit site and secure your business package

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